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SYNTHETIC; ↗ manjyome jun is love

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synthetic; ↗ a community for manjyome jun
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WELCOME TO s y n t h e t i c ? Welcome to Synthetic, the first community (that I know of) dedicated solely to the trenchcoat-sporting hero in disguise, Manjyome Jun! (Or of course, he's that Chazz guy too. <3) If you don't know who Manjyome/Chazz is, this might not be the place for you...but feel free to look around and learn! :D If you're not a fan, please stay away. :| Wanking will result in me tracking down an internet predator to fap to you, so I'd watch it. :D

basic information?
Currently, this community is moderated by ladylightning; feel free to ask me any questions or address any problems you may find! Also, I'm the one you want to talk to if you're interested in something I addressed on the affiliation/linklist post. :D; If for any reason I don't get back to you through a comment, feel free to nag at me through e-mail over at slashslashbang(@)gmail.com.

The original stylesheet for this community was made by REFUTED, and altered by me. :D The header graphic was made by me as well; all resources listed HERE. Please don't steal it and claim it as your own.

01) Feel free to post anything related to Manjyome...as long as it's actually YOURS. If you steal I won't hesitate to ban your ass, so I really wouldn't recommend doing it.

02) Wanking/arguments over 'shipping will NOT be tolerated. I've got strong opinions too, but if I'm holding them in? So are you. :D Take that somewhere else. Don't knock ANY pairing in an entry, posted material, or a response. Period.

03) Please place all fanfiction/art/etc under an appropriately labeled cut. If someone's having sex or bleeding, please mention that it's not worksafe! Remember, LJ-cuts are your friend!

04) Going with the previous rule, you must use an LJ cut when you post more than three icons, fanfiction, or artwork. If you don't know how, feel free to ask me!

05) This community uses the tags system for organizational purposes; please tag your entries appropriately! Yet again, if you don't know how to tag your entry, feel free to ask me! I won't mind. :D I'd rather you ask than go tag it myself!

Interested in affiliating? :D Please leave a comment on the tagged post or send an e-mail to slashslashbang(@)gmail.com! :D GX related communities only, please!

ASUKAXMANJYOME - the community dedicated to asuka/manjyome (chazz/alexis)
GX_AWARDS - dedicated to getting prizes for your GX goodies
OCEANSHIPPING - the community dedicated to asuka/ryou (zane/alexis)
PRINCEANDKAISER - the community dedicated to sex fubuki/ryou (atticus/zane)